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Imbros Canyon

The gorge of Imbros starts from the last houses of Imbros village and after 8 Km ends at Komitades village.This gorge except from it's natural beauty, has some other aspects that attract the visitor. Crossing is easy and not dangerous at all. Of course there is no need for a guide in order to cross it, since the course to be followed is obvious.

Crossing the gorge doesn't need too much time so anyone can pass through. You can cross it almost anytime of the year, except during storms or snow. Whoever moves with automobile or motorcycle can return from the same trail or even take a taxi at the end of the gorge. The exit is on a road which means that rainfalls etc. can't affect it.

Imbros Chania

By the beginning of your walk you'll find your self between cypresses and flowers. A little bit later many rocky slopes come in sight. In less than an hour of walking we reach the middle of the gorge, where there is a Venetian water basin. In summertime you'll find a pleasant surprise which I can't reveal because it wouldn't be a surprise if I did! From this point on the scenery in the gorge becomes bizarre.

Imbros Crete

The walls of the gorge in many places almost reach one an other forming a magnificent sight. The narrowest point is 2 meters wide while the height of the rocks reaches even the 300 meters. It was through the gorge that the only footpath to the area of Sfakia went through when there were no roads and we walk on the cobbled path (2 meters width). After the middle of the gorge we can see on the left a slope with stones and huge rocks and later on the right side an other one with smaller stones.With a feeling of awe by watching this sight, the first thing that comes to mind is of a great landslide. High on the west side passes the road to Sfakia. Further down the gorge we stop seeing steep slopes and after a little walking we can see the sea and of course we feel the sea breeze. If we walk by the sides of the river we'll find the road while following the west path we'll reach the Komitades village. Whoever wishes can keep on walking until the sea, where is the natural ending of the gorge, but it's rather unlikely to see a hicker get there. The gorge of Imbros is a beautiful gift of nature from any point of view and it makes it even nicer if it is combined with swimming in the clear waters of the sea.

Posted on: 24/01/2011