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Sea kayaking and rock climbing!..
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Sea kayaking and rock climbing!

Based just a few minutes away from the capital of Crete, provide friendly and experienced guiding, tuition and taster sessions in all aspects of mountaineering. From one day rock climbing and abseiling sessions to comprehensive courses aimed at providing you with the knowledge and skills to look after yourself in the mountains.

Crete has a huge variety of walking and climbing on offer as you can easily seen on Whether you choose, you will be guaranteed a unique and memorable experience.

The Cha gorge

This is an article about canyoning in the gorge of Cha or Xa. Be aware that when me and my friends Antonis did the gorge there was minimal protection (I think one or two bolts) and we place ourselves all the belays with slings, nuts and friends. That has been made back in 1998 if I remember well. However, nodays the gorge is fully bolted and many canyoning schools passing it without issues. I haven't update the article as it is a story that I want to remember, especially those days where the term canyoning meant nothing to us wink

Weather conditions in Crete

Crete straddles two climatic zones, the Mediterranean and the North African, mainly falling within the former. As such, the climate in Crete is primarily temperate. The atmosphere can be quite humid, depending on the proximity to the sea, while winter is fairly mild.

Psiloritis race

The idea of a mountain race in Crete, with high international standards, was first born in June 2008 on Mt Olympus. Our love for the mountain Psiloritis where Zeus brought up, the promotion of the natural beauty of the area finally transformed the idea into practice .Having the support of the people who love the island and enjoy running on the mountains, we organize this event which is called the "Psiloritis Race" (PR). The event is organized with the kind support of the prefecture of Rethymno.

Ski mountaineering in Crete

Mountaineering Ski in Greece
Ski in Crete? Of course! Do believe me, mountains and ski resorts in mainland Greece can feel much jealous of this mountain! So for someone wishing to go skiing in Crete there are two choices, as the ski resort is actually not working: to carry the skis on their back and after some quite tiresome walking to ski down a little bit or to put the skins under the skis and start touring around. We are going to deal with the latter.