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Bouloumeno Summit

The massif of Psiloritis is known mainly because the highest peak of Crete, Timios Stavros at 2456 m, is situated there. Apart from this peak, however, there are some more peaks worth mentioning; one of them is Vouloumeno, a peak over 2200 m.

The best season to ascend is from January to April, as the existing snow then makes the route something different.The route starts from Nida Plateau, which is the highest one on Crete at 1400 m. To reach it, however, you need a car or a motorcycle, or else things get a bit complicated.

To go there you need to visit first Nida Plateau at 1400 m from Anogia village. First you need to take a KTEL bus to the village of Anogia, Rethymnon Prefecture, then go to the coffee-shops in the village to find someone to give you a lift to Nida, which is quite difficult in winter. The best solution is to find a guide with his own means of transport; in this way you avoid unnecessary cost and you climb up the mountain more safely (for more information contact us through e-mail).

Me on summitThe last part before the peak in two perfect colors, white and blue! After having arranged the transport lets start climbing! The route starts along the E4 path on the Nida Plateau. At first you follow a dirt road for about 500 m (its marked) and at a left turn you leave the road and follow the path. In winter and due to the snow the path may not be as distinguishable as the sign of E4. After passing the sign you follow the gully for about 30 min and then you start going up a bit to the right (northwestwards) until you reach the ridge, which you follow for about 2-3 hours, maybe more depending on the snow conditions, until you reach the altitude sign on the peak (see photo).

Photo: On Vouloumeno Peak with a view of Dikti Mountains and the massif of Psiloritis. Finding your way is rather easy, as you move mostly on the ridge. The way back is from the same way.

Author/Photos: Stelios Asmargianakis

Posted on: 20/01/2011