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Prinos Refuge

The "Prinos" hut belongs to the Alpine Club of Heraklion (EOS Irakliou) in Crete. Its building was completed in 1967 and it was renovated and extended in 1992. It is located on the east massif of Psiloritis at an altitude of 1100 meters with a magnificent view of the biggest part of the county of Heraklion and Mount Dikti (Lasithiotika).

To reach the hut you must follow a well-marked up-going two-hour footpath, starting from the village of Ano Asites, 22 km away from Heraklion on an altitude of about 600 m, where you can go either by your own car or using the public transport (KTEL). At the end of the village on the right there is a Prinos, Ano Asitesdirt track marked with a big wooden sign to the hut. You follow that road remembering always to walk upwards, so that you don't get confused at crossroads. In about 40 min you reach the end of the road, a place called Melisses, with olive trees. You pass on the right from an opening of the fences and you continue up the dale following the red marks as well as the E4 signs.

At the end of this slope near a big tree you are at the bottom of a clear, marked, up-going path through the whole of "Faraghouli" gorge. You walk up the path and you go on after the end of the gorge having in mind that the refuge is situated a bit higher on the left.After walking the last up-going part there is the hut on your left welcoming you. It is good for the visitor to know that one has to get in touch with the Alpine Club, in order to find the hut open and to get an attendant.

The refuge offers beds and blankets for 25 people, a kitchen for cooking, water and two stoves. Naturally one has to follow the rules of the hut and the stay there will be unforgettable. In the hut of Prinos you can have either a wonderful weekend away from the city's noise or make it the starting point for walking up to the eastern summts of the Psiloritis massif.

Author: Nana Koutsandreou, Photos: Stelios Asmargianakis

Posted on: 24/04/2011