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Stavros: Introduction

This climbing area is around 17-18km away from the city of Chania. It's a very beautiful place with superb view to the sea. You wont find any bolts here, the spot is for traditional climbers only and therefore you will need a full climbing equipment to enjoy the routes with safety. The biggest route in the area is around 110 meters. Double ropes of course are necessary, 2x50m are recommended around 8-9mm. The quality of the rock is quiet good and you wont find it difficult to place your nuts while climbing.

Avoid climbing as usualy during the hot days of the summer and be aware that you will need at least 25-30 minutes untli you get to the starting point of the routes. Pay attention on the description of the routes on the related articles to mark the starting point as the routes are quiet far from the beach and can't recognize them easily when been there.

There are various shops near the beach where you can have launch after climbing and of course an excellent beach to swim (see related photos).

How to get there


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