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Agia Paraskeui Cave: Introduction

This is one of the three largest caves in the prefecture of Heraklion.It's just a few minutes driving from the village of Skotino and is at a height of 225 meters above sea-level. Many dyno's here! There is one route at 5b, one at 5c and 3 between 6a+ and 6c. Rest are really hard, up to 8b+, maybe more. It's a lovely place to climb during the summer as it's always in the shadow.

A few things about the cave

Skotino Cave is a very important sacred cave, first used as a place of worship by the Greeks and then later by the Christians. It has a depth of 160 meters and it is on four levels. It was first investigated by Evans, and in 1962 the archaeologist K. Davaras carried out a systematic excavation. He found parts of vases, bone needles, and Late Minoan bronze figurines dating from the Neolithic to Roman periods. Like many other caves, it appears to have had some religious importance. Some people even believe this was the labyrinth of the legendary Minotaur.

The first chamber the Great Temple is 96 m long, 36 m wide and 46 m wide with numerous speleothem, most of which have been given names. Beyond this is the Hall of the Altar 25 m long, 8 m wide and 10 m high. Some other smaller chambers follow.

How to get there

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