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The Second highest face in Greece: Introduction

It is the second biggest ridge of Greece and it is shows.It is located in the beginning of Samaria gorge in the prefecture of Chania. The access to it can be done with a public bus (KTEL) direction to plateau Omalos. Be aware that public transportation runs only during the summer months. The climbing sectors of Gigilos are mainly two, the first it takes the main face of the mountain while the second the towers of Gigilos. On the second area you will find many bolted routes up to 120 meters while in the main face of the mountain routes up to 1200 meters.

You will need full trad climbing equipment to do any of the routes on the mountain. Be carefull as there are plenty of loosen rocks in the area. You should been climbing a lot of traditional routes before try any on Gigilos or at least this is recommended.

To access the routes described in this section you will need around an hour starting from Linoseli (the kiosk where Samaria gorge starts) and following the E4 path to mount Gigilos. After about an hour you will see a small cave on your right, that is the best spot to have a nap! Stay there and wake up early in the morning to try any of the routes. That small cave usually can take maximum 3-4 persons.

If you continue for around 120 meters there is a spring where you can drink fresh water. Mark that as when you coming back from the routes you will needed!

The mount Gigilos

Depending the route that you will choose to climb take a lot of water, many friends (small and medium sizes), slings (more than 15), nuts (2 series), quickdraws etc. Obviously you need a helmet and a headlamp if you wanna avoid bivouac.

The easier route in the area is route called "Number 8". This is highly recommended if you wanna climb something easy for first time.


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Posted on: 20/09/2016