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Polyrinnia gorge

ClimbInCrete has partnered with ExploreCrete, an excellent site about travelling in Crete. Experience the real Crete with this multi-contributor guide - covering archaeology, ecology, beaches, sightseeing, photos, books, reviews and much more. In this article read about the Polyrinnia gorge in Western Crete by Yannis Samatas.

White mountains

The imposing massif of Lefka Ori has something unique: Most of the main massif summits are over 2000 meters. The visitor can explore this area in many different ways. The best one of course is trekking from one end to the other. The most common routes start from Omalos and end on the plateau of Askyfou (east to west) or start from the village of Kampoi and end in Anopolis (north to south).


It is the last high mountain from East to West in the White Mountains and, in the same way,the first one from West to East. Its altitude, 1984 m, is not considered to be among the highest in Crete,the route to it,however, is one of the most beautiful ones especially in winter.

Bouloumeno Summit

The massif of Psiloritis is known mainly because the highest peak of Crete, Timios Stavros at 2456 m, is situated there. Apart from this peak, however, there are some more peaks worth mentioning; one of them is Vouloumeno, a peak over 2200 m.