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Posted: 02/09/2016 09:17
Post subject: Locals to climb with?

Hey Crete,

I will be visiting your island for a couple days September 12th-16th and have been hoping to get out climbing a bit. (and hiking)
Since I am traveling alone, I will of course need someone to partner up with.
I think I will be based in Chania or somewhere close to it - might rent a car or scooter to be mobile.

I've been bouldering for almost three years and climbing with rope and gear for about one year now. Since I'm living in Denmark,most of my experience is indoors, but I've climbed on real rock in Malta last summer, deep water solo'ed and lead some easier stuff, and bouldered, lead and toproped a bunch in New England, USA until the weather turned too cold last autumn.
I boulder better than I lead and toprope; I guess 6b,c would be a route I can lead without too much hiccups.

I'm gonna make space in my tiny luggage to bring harness, chalk, shoes and belay devices - does someone wanna bring me along?

find me on facebook: Jessica D. Bicking
or email: [email protected]

(also feel free to contact me once I'm already there - I should have access to internet on my phone at all times.)



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