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Monte Vardia: Introduction

This is a really interesting spot! I've been for the first time just a few months ago and been really impressed. It's just a breath from the city centre with superb view to the city of Chania and the harbour. The climbing area consists of a face around 100 meters wide and up to 12 high. It's well bolted and you wont face any run out here. You can climb all year long in Monte Vardia except the very hot summer days and between 13:00 to 17:00 o'clock. Having said that, if you are from northern Europe and you really like sun you can give a try cool.

We've split monte Vardia area in 6 sectors for easier orientation. Browse those from the top menu to get an idea about the routes.

To get to the area just point to your GPS the street Papanastasiou 209 (see google map above). When you get there just follow the sign on the image below and you will get to the climbing spot in 3-4 minutes.

Follow the red sign

Have a look the following video from folks from Chania while trying some dry tooling at the area.

dry tooling at mode vardia from CS productions on Vimeo.



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