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Agiofarago: Sector 13

Area Info

One small (30 meters) and two multi pitches routes exist in this sector/area just above the sea. All routes have no bolts at all so full climbing equipment needed.

Route name: Tsapou tou leprou (1)8 bolts50 meter rope needed
Grade: 4c+
Length: 30 meters
Protection: Full climbing equipment, this is a traditional route on not such a good rock. Check the topo below, 1st bullet is actually the first belay as below that is very easy. Be aware the return, no abseil is possible.

Kapsetos on sight Ariantho

Route name: Neoi orizontes (2)8 bolts50 meter rope needed
Grade: 6a+
Length:180 meters
Protection: None, this is a traditional route. On the above photo (the one on the right) you can see the route. What you aim for, is the crack. To get there parallel movement is possible for the first 2 pitches (low difficulty) but belays and normal leading are recommended due to loose rock.
Return left from the exit, work your way down by walking and scrambling, towards the sea. It is a rather long walk. Try to end up on the ledges above the water then do a tricky traverse right to reach the beach. Taking walking shoes with you is recommended. In rough seas completing the traverse without getting we is a challenge.
The best part of the route is the top crack. This has to be climbed in two pitches (make your own belay on natural protection under a small overhang) if the party does not have as many large friends and hexs as required.
Route name: Boldness wins (3)8 bolts50 meter rope needed
Grade: 4c+
Length: 190 meters
Protection: None, full climbing equipment needed. Topo will be added soon. The route is around 100 meters from the above route (Neoi orizontes).

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