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"Polemistis" (fighter) is situated on the " Wall of Agrimia" (wild goats) between the routes "Oxia" and "Fleap and Freak". A characteristic point of the route that can help you to locate it is the 20-meter corner of the third pitch, which is a bit to the left and lower than the big corner of "Oxia".

Voulismeno Aloni

Voulismeno Aloni is a sinkhole located on the foot of Strouboulas mountain, next to the old national road, at the 14th kilometer from Heraklion to Rethymnon. You need just a few minutes to get there. There are 12 routes in this climbing sector. All of them are very hard apart from one which is around 6b+ (the first from the right side of the sector). There are routes up to 8a+ in this area.

Abas gorge 8c+?

Abas gorge and climbing routes
In the summer of 2003 Kabourakis Manolis and Psaraksis Kostas decided to descend the gorge of Abas in Asteroussia mountains, which starts from the village of Paranimfi and ends down in the sea at Tris Eklissies. This is the reason that we didn't follow the path which goes up in the east edge of the gorge but instead we went along the course of the water. This bring us to an end where we had to climb down the 160 metre waterfall, and believe me, that was not so easy.

Agiofarago: Sector 16

Area Info

Great routes around 6a-6c in this sector just a breath near sector 15 with the easies routes in the area.

Billy smile

This is a really hard route (550m VII+/A1 (+200m IV)) opened in the summer of 2010 from X.Tsoutsias and N.Kalatzakis in memory of Vasilis (Bill) Naxakis who died in Himalayas a few years ago. There is a detailed topo on the next page of this article (see bottom of the article).

Therissos Sector 4

Area info

This sector includes three traditional climbing routes, all multi pitches, from VI up to VII-. Maybe the most beautiful route of the area is here, that is Eleutherios Venizelos, a superb route at VII-.

Number 8

Most of the new climbers entering the world of trad climbing are trying this route as their first. Due to been easy  many climbers visit the route every year. A few of them did this route solo too. It has 600 meters length at V+ (most of the pitches are near IV+/V) and initially opened from B.Georgiadis & I.Pantoulas. It is a nice introductory route for big mountain faces, although it does not represent what we could call "a typical Gigilos face route".

Rock Climbing Routes

The cave of Psychro is one of the most important cult places of Minoan Crete. The use of caves as cult places was one of the basic characteristics of the religious beliefs of the ancient Cretans. What this has to do with rock climbing in Dikti? The answer is, nothing but it's close to Dikti and it's a good place to visit :) Let's talk about climbing now.... Detailed description about the rock climbing in Dikti.

Winter climbing routes

Unfortunately the global warm effect hit Crete too! I was abroad for several years and when I came back for climbing in Dikti the snow conditions was really bad. On the 1st year even during the February there was no snow at all on the mountain! This year (2011) there been lot of snow but not enough time to visit the area. However, you must be really luck to repeat any of the routes mentioned below from now on. There is always a good opportunity to repeat some of the rock climbing routes in the middle of the winter. If you feel fit go on!


This is a new climbing area opened recently from local climbers in Rethimno. It is very close to the city of Rethimno. A detailed description of the area will be added soon. All information posted for this area collected from Thodoris Vourvachakis (many thanks).