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Risks of anchor failure

Recent accidents alerted us to the probability of weakened anchors on routes equipped in tropical, marine environments.
These anchors have been weakened by corrosion accelerated by the proximity of the sea and year-long, warm, wet climates. First samplings from some climbing areas in tropical marine environments showed that 10 to 20% of anchors could have a resistance as low as 1 kN to 5 kN (cf. Nominal climbing falls load anchors with forces of 1 kN to 5 kN; a 25 kN minimum bolt strength is required by the standards)!!

Psiloritis race

The idea of a mountain race in Crete, with high international standards, was first born in June 2008 on Mt Olympus. Our love for the mountain Psiloritis where Zeus brought up, the promotion of the natural beauty of the area finally transformed the idea into practice .Having the support of the people who love the island and enjoy running on the mountains, we organize this event which is called the "Psiloritis Race" (PR). The event is organized with the kind support of the prefecture of Rethymno.

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How to bolt a rock climbing route

You've got experience climbing various routes and it's now the time to open your first route. If you fancy placing your own gear; that is nuts, friends etc, then you should aware that bolts are not always the superb protection if not placed properly.
Having said that, recently I read an article on a blog where a guy from Australia died after having a faul on a sandstone route. You can read the initial post at


The real art of mountaineering is the art of surviving. The more difficult surviving becomes, the greater the art of mountaineering becomes. And this will always happen whenever you have to go one more step forwards. Where nobody has ever been, where it's difficult for anyone to follow.


The elements of climbing

Rock climbing is probably the most popular type of climbing. It can be learned in a day, done indoors or outdoors, and uses a relatively small amount of equipment. If you've always wondered what exactly is involved in rock climbing, here's a general overview. Types of Rock Climbing: Trad (traditional): WIth this type of climbing, the climber does not rely on following routes with pre-drilled holes that hold quickdraws to hook carabiners into...rather, he creates his own route up the rock, utilizing mental and physical skill.


Looking for a new climbing challenge? Try bouldering. It offers the chance to improve strength, endurance and stamina. Before you try it, check out these tips that are bound to help you make the most out of your bouldering experience. Starting out at a rock climbing gym is a good way to improve your bouldering skills before hitting the great outdoors.

An interview with the president of the Alpine Club of Iraklio

Climbincrete has the honor to interview the oldest member and present(2006) president of the Alpine Club of Heraklion. Read and gain something! Also don't forget to see the unique photo collection of Ms Vassiliadou! A flashback in time does no harm!

Ski mountaineering in Crete

Mountaineering Ski in Greece
Ski in Crete? Of course! Do believe me, mountains and ski resorts in mainland Greece can feel much jealous of this mountain! So for someone wishing to go skiing in Crete there are two choices, as the ski resort is actually not working: to carry the skis on their back and after some quite tiresome walking to ski down a little bit or to put the skins under the skis and start touring around. We are going to deal with the latter.