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Minoan library sector 5

Area Info

This sector is located somewhere in the middle of the area of Minoan libray and you will need around 5 minutes to get there either if you make an abseil or if you follow the main path. Route called "First Book" might be the most beautiful in the whole area. Do not miss it! This sector is in the shadow after 4 o'clock pm so be prepared to get burned if you climb earlier than that during the summer.

Main topo

Route name: King Minos (1)8 bolts50 meter rope needed
Grade: 7a
Length: 23 meters
Protection: 10 bolts. Only your rope and quickdraws needed
Route name: Talos (2)8 bolts70 meter rope needed
Grade: 6c
Length: 40 meters
Protection: 14 bolts. Only your rope and quickdraws needed
Route name: First book (2 pitches) (3)8 bolts50 meter rope needed
Grade: 6a+ the first pitch and 5c the second
Length: 25 meters (first pitch) and 20 meters the second
Protection: Fully bolted. Only your rope and quickdraws needed. Quiet hard route in that grade. On the second pitch pass the roof on the right.

All routes opened from Zbynek Cepela except route "Talos" which opened from Manolis Kampourakis.

1st book Topo

Posted on: 18/05/2011 By: Stelios Asmargianakis

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